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“ Hi Carl, We received the bed rails that I ordered last week but they appear to be dark cherry?  I’ve attached a photo for your information.  I believe I ordered medium oak.  The bed head rails are light oak but these seem really dark.  Can you verify what was shipped? Thanks, Todd   Dear Todd, Yes, those are our medium finish. We will never (off the shelf) send a product that will match your furniture. Each time we make a shipment we hope it will be a close match, however. If finish matters, we always recommend the unfinished as they are sanded and ready to stain. If you prefer you may return these and order unfinished. You are a good fellow and our desire is to make you happy. Warmest, Carl Garrison   Thanks for your reply Carl.  Can we swap the medium oak out for the light pine?  That looks like a close match to the light oak head boards we have. Please let me know how to proceed with swapping the rails. I still have the original shipping box and material so I can repackage them the same way they were shipped. Thanks for your assistance.   Dear ... ”

Matching Wooden Bed Rail Color Service

“ Thank you!  Great customer service! Kim C. ”

Kim C.

“ Hi Carl, Literally 10 minutes after I emailed you to check the order, UPS delivered the order. Looking forward to putting things together tomorrow! Thank you! Matt ”

Matthew N.

“ Thank You One and All I ordered the metal cross supports last week after speaking with the representative on the phone. He assured me that he had what I needed and would process the order if I completed it by Email before 3:00 p.m. I got the order Friday, installed it relatively easily Saturday morning when the new bedding arrived, and all is well. The replacements parts seem to be better quality than the original Ethan Allen parts purchased more than 20 years ago. Excellent rating on all fronts as far as I am concerned. ”

Michael S.

“   Hi Carl, Thanks so much for assisting me this morning. I’m looking forward to my new rails and support.Have a great day. Barbara P. ”

Barbara P.

“ Debbie, The Rails and slats arrived.  I set them up.  They are great.  The slats are the best I have ever seen.  The mattress and box springs have never been so comfortable. You guys can be proud of your product. Mike S.   ”

Mike S.

“ Carl thanks for the quick response , bed rails arrived today as promised and the bed has been assembled with new queen mattress and box spring! John U.   ”

John U.

“ OK, you guys, we got our mirror support on Tuesday of this week and finally got an open evening to install it.  It took less than a half an hour to install, and we love it.  Thanks so much for your product.  I called two or three furniture stores and asked about mirror supports and they told me to go and get a couple pieces of wood and use them – I’m so glad I found you instead.  Thanks again. Ron and Judy ”

Ron and Judy

“ Thank you Carl! I was able to rig the bed for the day and it held, but I’ll be pleased when the new rails come in.I appreciate your assistance and do not doubt that you shipped it when you say you did. Sincerely, Steve N. ”

Steve N.

“ Carl, Thanks for the fantastic customer service. Here are some photos of the damaged product. Merry Christmas! Thomas S. ”

Thomas S.

“ Last Monday I called and placed my order for side rails. Our bed broke the night before, mind you the day before our anniversary. Thanksgiving was a week and a half away. We needed our bed fixed sooner than later. I made my order before noon on a Monday. I found the box at our door Thursday of the same week. The color was a good match to our existing bed. We put the bed together and slept on it that Thursday night. You folks were great to work with over the phone. Your speediness was quite appreciated! ”


“ Hi Carl, When I discovered we received the incorrect item, I thought to myself this is going to be a pain to exchange. My wife made the call and someone answered right way. We couldn’t believe it. We appreciate the quick response and making sure the correct item was shipped. Thanks! ”

Eric M.

“ I just received bed rails for a king sized bed. They fit perfectly and the color was perfect . ”

Joseph C.

“ After reviewing several sites, we decided on Garrett Supports. I called and spoke with a gentleman named Carl, and I am glad I did. He took the time to inform me about their bed rails and after speaking with him we placed an order for the pair. They arrived via UPS about a week later. We hauled the rice bed out of storage and set it up. What a pleasure it was to see that bed standing strong and tall without racking whatsoever and our Tower of Pisa was gone and she stood plumb line straight as it was meant to be. I cannot say enough positive things about Garrett Supports, their customer service and the quality of their products. As an aside comment, the stain and finish matched our bed perfectly. Carl was not only informative, but kind and courteous. By the time we finished our conversation I felt like one of the family. I will not hesitate to recommend doing business with the fine company of Garrett Supports or their sister company Acme Metal Products. ”


“ The rails worked great and look really good. ”


“ I ordered the center supports and unfinished side rails for a split box queen bed and received within two days of placing my order. They worked out perfectly. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to revive/replace/renew… ”


“ Thank you so much for having what I need to put my bed back together. ”


“ You have provided the best customer support I’ve ever received. ”


“ “Your rails are heavy, much heavier and better built than the jacked up $400 hostaged original (Lajobi Newcastle) rails now that feel like balsa wood next to them. I am really glad I took a chance on your bed rails. Wish I would have done this with my daughters bed also now. I really appreciate you selling me the extra bed support also. I haven’t attached them yet obviously but they will turn my children’s beds into something solid they can have throughout their lives into college at least” ”


“ I received the rails yesterday. Perfect fit. Nice, solid quality rails. Thank you!! ”


“ I received the bedrails i ordered from here and they fit perfectly and matched as if they came with my mothers antique bed ! Im so pleased with your product ! thanks so much ! If i could i would attach a photo of the bed also cause I think its lovely! ”


“ I received the rails they are awesome! Perfect fit to my bed. Thank you very much for speedy delivery. ”


“ Thanks for the quick turn around of my order. And free shipping . The rails look like they came with the bed. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for bed rails. ”


“ “Thank you! I have a hand-carved rosewood sleigh bed, purchased last year. Although it has a center beam, my box springs just do not seat on it evenly. I have been searching for the right mattress supports before purchasing a new mattress for myself. As unbelievable as it may seem, employees at the mattress stores haven’t a clue when I inquired about supports.I was thrilled to find your supports. My bed has a ledge on the side rails (to support box springs), so your supports should work well. I am thrilled. ”


“ Thank you again, Carl, for the excellent service. My package arrived in less than 24 hours after I spoke to you and placed my order. One hour later the mirror was installed on the dresser. What a pleasant experience it was dealing with you and your company. ”

Bill Tate